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Big Toes Charlie

Who loves great danes?!  This is Charlie from Raleigh, NC.  (don't ya love those big toes!)  Charlie's dad wasn't sure if he wanted to order a martingale or buckle collar - he was thinking of trying a martingale, but was concerned that it would be too hard to adjust to take the collar on and off of Charlie, since Charlie can be rather rambunctious at times ;)  I assured him that with a martingale collar, after a week or two, depending on how often you remove the collar, it would be easy to adjust, yet still be super safe.  I remove my two pup's collars every night and when I put a new collar on them, it takes about a week before the materials become a little more pliable and the martingale easily adjusts.  So here Charlie is, wearing his new Shades of Grey Martingale Dog Collar, and looking rather dashing and adorable (and so comfy with the satin backing)!  I would have to say that this is one of the FAVORITE parts of my biz - meeting the gorgeous pups wearing one of my collars - LOVE IT <3
Kathleen Naomi Atkins November 23, 2013 2 tags (show)

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