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Duffy and the Luck of the Irish

Don't ya love labradoodles - they are CUTE CUTE CUTE!  Duffy lives in Des Plaines, IL with his lovely family with an Irish heritage - hence the green satin backing on the collar. (Normally the houndstooth classic black and white martingale collar has only a purple satin backing).  If you see a collar and would like a different color backing, I'd be happy to help ;)  I love creating that special collar for your pup, that might remind you of your heritage, a favorite color, or just because!
Kathleen Naomi Atkins December 10, 2013 2 tags (show)


Ruckus the Eskie

Ruckus the Eskie said:

Awesome labradoodles. I am obsessed with them too!

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Yes, such a cute breed!!!

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