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Simon's Choice (do animals ever have a choice?)

It was not a good day for Simon, though truth be told, there had never been a good day for Simon.  Even though he was frightened, he was looking forward to his fate and knew it was a blessing.  Simon, the little furry black goat took the long walk toward the truck, that would take him to his death.  Just when he was was ready to step onto the truck, an angel swept by and held him, held him tight and wouldn't let go.  For the first time, Simon wasn't afraid and felt loved.  The angel took Simon to Hooves & Paws, an animal sanctuary where he would be adopted by a caring home, or live the rest of his life at this loving sanctuary.  This was the turning point in Simon's life and a GOOD DAY after all!

One week later

Simon was enjoying his cozy little corner at the sanctuary.  For the first time he had a warm bed, food and loving people caring for him.  Life was good!  Little did he know what was coming next.... 

Two weeks later

It was an agonizing night for the mama cow.  Finally, little Brody, the fuzzy black calf was born.  Not long after he took his first breath of life in this big world, he felt a coldness pass over him - the warmth of his mama was gone and he knew he was alone.  

Later that day

Simon was taking his mid-morning nap when he heard the commotion - someone was walking toward his pen and they weren't alone, there was an animal with them, a strange smell he had never smelled before.  And then he saw him - the goat met the calf face to face.  Simon and Brody stared each other down for what seemed like an eternity...  and then it happened, they said hello with joy and love and head butting!  The unlikely friendship began.  They play like no others - jumping on each other and head butting.  The calf and the goat, an unlikely pair brought together as roommates, now have each other.  Simon chose to accept and love Brody that day.  Now neither or them are alone.

This is the story of two unlikely friends.  Yes, it's true that Simon was neglected and was being sold for his meat.  And Brody lost his mom during his birth.  It's also true that they now live together as roommates and are the best of buds at Hooves & Paws!  The angel is Michele Padilla, a girl who always had an incredible love and desire for helping animals, which was passed down to her by her grandma and mother.  Michele followed her passion, and in 2002 she opened the Hooves & Paws Animal Rescue in Littlerock, CA.  Dogs, horses, and farm animals are saved - and they are usually the less desirable animals - older or having behavioral/medical problems.  All the help at the animal sanctuary are given by wonderful volunteers!  And all animals are cared for with the hopes that a loving home will adopt them, but if not, they will spend the rest of their lives at Hooves & Paws!

Thank you Michelle and Volunteers - by helping these animals, you are truly angels on earth, my heart goes out to you!!!!

Like to help them in some way?  For more information, to adopt Brody/Simon/another animal or to give a donation, check out the website...  www.hoovesandpaws.org.  ALL donations go directly to helping the animals at this non-profit sanctuary :)


Kathleen Naomi Atkins December 13, 2013 1 tags (show)



Ange said:

Thank you, Kathleen!


Kathleen Naomi Atkins

Kathleen Naomi Atkins said:

You’re so welcome Ange, love the work that you all are doing!

xo Kathleen

Edie Doughty

Edie Doughty said:

Your an Angel. Thank you for sharing this lovely story of two unlikely souls finding each other.

Kathleen Naomi Atkins

Kathleen Naomi Atkins said:

Thanks for your nice comment Edie, glad you liked the story – made my heart melt when I heard about Simon and Brody!

xo Kathleen

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