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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Houndsie!

Thank you for a fantastic 2013 and now it's time for a new beginning!  What are your dreams for 2014?  

As I write this, one of my greyhounds came up to me with his curly tail wagging and put his head in my lap... now that's love!  I have soooo much love for my two greyhounds and my dream for 2014 is that all pups get the love and care they deserve.  My plan is to continue to design gorgeous comfy collars (am UBER excited about the new designs that will come out this year, AND I will be traveling to Thailand to find even more exotic fabrics! woo hoo!) and I have tons of exciting news to share about incredible people helping dogs, and holistic healthcare for pups! On the personal side, the word this year is 'grateful'.... being grateful for everything I have each and every day!

Health, happiness, and big dreams for you and your pup in 2014!


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Tahirbutt said:

The Christian community has a lot of years track rercod to overcome. We have presented sub-standard for so long, and CLAIMED it to be a better alternative’ when in fact it’s a load of crap with a little melody. What we’ve learned is, that customers don’t come back. Better fleece em while you can . . . you may not get a second chance. It’s hard to overcome that to actually TRUST God . . . especially when we’ve (as a whole) presented Him in a second rate manner for as long as commerce has ruled the world.Fan or not, South Park , Family Guy , etc that can be had for free online is brilliantly put together. They can give it away because they know they’re customers will return for a fix, even if they have to pay for the primo’ stuff on occasion. Priming the pump as it were, because they know that down the line, it increases the dollar flow.


Thomas said:

I was the lucky lady who had the opportunity to walk along side Maddie, a one in a half year old Red Doberman, who is dipesayld in one of these beautiful pictures. That day, she sported a red backpack and was extremely happy to be supporting such a great cause. I would like to add a thank you to The Humane League for having us participate in The Walk for Animals. We had a blast that day, and we both made a lot of new furry friends!

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