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Save-the-Earth Collar

So Houndsie,

Do you sometimes wonder how you can make a positive impact on the world?  Me too!  And one of the big things these days is figuring out how we can each make a difference in helping the earth.

Have you ever had an old dress or pair of pants that you hated to throw away because you love 'em, but they don't fit any more or have a big rip that you can't fix?  REPURPOSE!  Bam!  Contact me at info@houndstooth-pets.com and I'll create a custom dog collar from your dress/pants/etc material!  Win Win Win (earth, dog and you), and your pup looks gorgeous!

Clare's looking waaaay too adorable in her new repurposed camo collar!  She lives in Dekalb, IL.  Doesn't she remind you of Benji?  Cutie-pie!

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Kathleen Naomi Atkins January 05, 2014 2 tags (show)

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