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Two Rescue Pups that Love to Cuddle


collar design - holiday xo, large martingale, 1 1/2" wide


Do you love rescue pups?  Me too, nothing makes the heart warmer than adopting a pup, there are so many out there waiting for their forever home.  This is Buddy and Gumbo, they were found and adopted by a loving family in Gurnee, IL at an animal shelter, Orphans of the Storm.  Orphans of the Storm has been caring for and finding loving forever homes for dogs and cats in northeast illinois since 1928!  Now that's dedication!  In fact, I myself adopted a beautiful cat from Orphans who lived to be 19 (my cute little black and white Tori).  

Buddy (the black one) was adopted first, and then when the family decided to find another pup, they went to the shelter looking for a lab-type of dog.  Gumbo (a cute little brindle rescue, that was brought to Illinois from Louisiana) wasn't even in the running at first, but Gumbo spotted them and knew they were the ones - HIS CHARM and SPARKLY EYES quickly won them over and he and Buddy became best of buds as soon as they saw each other!  


Happy Heart = Happy Dog

love dog . love art . live now



Kathleen Naomi Atkins March 03, 2014 2 tags (show)

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