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Whose Story is Changing the World View about Dogs

Dear Houndsies,

Have you heard of Soi Dog in Phuket, Thailand?

I hadn't heard of them until recently, before my recent trip to Thailand (photo above is me, staff member Raymond, and little Chance who was found in a bag in a dumpster).  Words can't describe how blown away I was by Gill and John Dalley's story beginning in 2003 when they retired from England to Phuket, including what happened when the big tsunami hit Phuket.  

Here's a couple who could have retired in Phuket and lounged by the beach, instead they decided to make a difference in the world, by helping the street dogs in Phuket.

And how Gill almost lost her life saving a street dog.  Fast forward to the Soi Dog Foundation today and all the life-saving team members. Their story is INCREDIBLE, HEARTWARMING.

their story is changing the World View about dogs

one dog at a time

The things they're doing to help dogs that are in GREAT need due to being sold as meat, being tortured/mutilated, and unspeakable disease is UNBELIEVABLE, including their goal of spaying/neutering every stray dog in Phuket.  

Here's their website and the AHHHHMAAAZING movie about this foundation, WELL worth watching {the one thing to do today is watch this short movie - and get the chills}:



To be honest, I'm like many of you animal lovers, at first I didn't want to go to the Soi Dog Foundation - the thought of going to any type of animal shelter takes a lot out of me and makes me too sad - but I wanted to bring awareness to this FOUNDATION, so I went.  I was pleasantly surprised, super impressed, and happy to visit and can't wait to go back to help in any way I can.  Of course it's tough to leave the dogs there when you want to save each and every one of them, but I left knowing that this foundation was doing everything they could for these dogs.

And, I'm happy to announce that my company, Houndstooth Pets, is now sending a monthly donation to Soi Dogs!!

What does the Soi Dog Foundation do to help stray dogs?  Greg tells all in this interview.

{note: I say 'spray & neuter' and meant to say 'spay & neuter'!  oops!  I'm telling ya now, my videos are informal, uncut and all-naturale!}



SOI DOG FOUNDATION PUPPY AREA!  Raymond tells the tale of Chance. Besides Chance, almost every dog has a story, it was difficult for him to pick one story.  




I know, it's always tough to see dogs that are hurt, but what I love about these following photos is that the proof is in the pudding... these are crazy incredible examples of the positive effects that this foundation has on pups!


photos are worth a thousand words


CHANCE - Before and After

WABISABI - Before and After


Next, Mark gives us a tour of the facility...


To the left are housing facilities for some of the staff members.  Right where we're standing is where the new hospital will be built {so that they don't have to move animals from facility to facility.. right now if a dog comes in and may have a broken leg, they have to find a facility that has an x-ray machine and move him around from place to place... once the hospital is built, the dogs and cats will be able to get the care they need at one place!}...

There are several dog run areas with shade.  Here are a few (saw a few pups here with 3 legs and they moved around very well)....

And the older dog area...

There's also a more private area for dogs just arriving to the foundation, a space for dogs that were adopted and waiting to go to their forever homes, a dog track around a pond for walking dogs, and offices  : -)  By the way, ANYONE from around the world can adopt one of these pups for only the cost of the flight {and there are volunteer programs for those traveling to Thailand - they can bring a Soi Dog home for an adopter at a fraction of the flight cost}!  

Words CANNOT describe the emotions I feel when thinking about this foundation and the sacrifices made by Gill and John Dalley, and now the sacrifices made by all the wonderful staff members of Soy Dog.

I admire you, I aspire to be like you, I send LOTS OF LOVE your way  

the Soi Dog story is changing the World View about dogs

one dog at a time

Sending big doggie HUGS,

love dog . love art . live now

Kathleen Naomi Atkins April 02, 2014 1 tags (show)


Mary Fields

Mary Fields said:

I am amazed at the work,courage and dedication you all have to saving these well deserved animals.i just want to thnk you all for all your love and hard work.God bless you all !! Thanks for giving all these animals a second chance !!!


Kathryn said:

Hello all you rich movie stars and athletes. This is a charity more important then a new toy, diamond or fad. Help the helpless and the best charity of pure love and rescue I have heard of recently. Love our four legged friends and our two legged Heroes for saving our best friends!!!! God bless

Barbara Carlyon

Barbara Carlyon said:

It wasn’t until I saw a story on face book that I learnt about your foundation and the work you do in saving these Beautifull fur babies.I must admit I didn’t know of the terrible plight of these babies and how they are killed and tortured.But I’m glad your stories have opened my eyes.I hope soon to be able to make a monthly donation to your foundation.As a pensioner it won’t be a lot but it might just help a little.Thankyou for all your wonderfull work.

Jodie Ziff

Jodie Ziff said:

I just thank God for people like Soi. They have done amazing things and continue to do so. I donate monthly and know this money is being put o good use.

Wonderful people

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Mary, I agree! What an incredible foundation and group of people! I found out that there are volunteers around the world that are helping – LOVE :)

Kathryn, you go girl! Even though I don’t have tons of money myself, this foundation made me think about what I’m doing with what money I have and what’s important. And how we can help in this world.

Barbara, The great thing is that every little bit counts… a dollar in Thailand goes a long way to help these wonderful creatures!!

Jodie, I agree wholeheartedly – Wonderful Wonderful People… and it’s wonderful of you to donate monthly :)

xo Kathleen

Menia Pritchard

Menia Pritchard said:

This is the best animal hospital I have ever seen dedication


ginny said:

the tide is changing. people are waking up. light into darkness.

Sharin Trautsch

Sharin Trautsch said:

May God Bless each and every one of these fine people and may God
Bless your organization soi dog.

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Menia – Yes the dedication of Soi Dog is fantastic!!!

Ginny – love what you wrote…. it’s time :)

Sharin – Amen!

Love these great comments and what a difference this foundation is making to help change the lives of dogs,
xo Kathleen

Nelie Pagan

Nelie Pagan said:

I adore you SDF. First is God and then you. The work you put in you put in to these innocent lovely animals is amazing no words that can describe how thankful i am to Soi more power to all of you i will pray for all your health to be able to continue what ur doong to these loving animals. God bless you all and all the animals in the whole world. Amen.

Lorna Carling

Lorna Carling said:

I am in Phuket at the moment, going to Soi Dog Foundation tomorrow . I have been sponsoring a dog there for a year now. They do amazing work there.

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Nelie – LOVE that… First is God and then you :) Yes!

Lorna – How wonderful! Will you be taking your sponsor dog home? Enjoy your visit!

xo Kathleen

Fiona Crowther

Fiona Crowther said:

I live in New Zealand and we are too pc on animal welfare, Soi dog rescue puts us to shame..I am so inspired by these people and the work they do..keep it up good things can and will happen..

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:


I can understand what you’re saying, as I’m in the U.S. Soi Dog is doing what’s best for the animals, based on their situation in Thailand and they have lots of freedom in regard to that… yet I can see that they’ve also had tons of hurdles to deal with. I too am so inspired by them and what they’ve been able to accomplish for these animals – and it is ‘touching’ the world… love that!

xo Kathleen

Elizabeth MacLeod

Elizabeth MacLeod said:

Oh Wow . . . this touches home even more today, as my little kitty Daisy, hurt her gums and we discovered a terrible problem occurring in her teeth. She was in pain and it was so expensive and with another animal that just got through a life and death experience, there was no more immediate money…but she was in pain… long story short… she got the help… and it was so overwhelming and so completely touching for me… and… to see the change in her… I’m just absolutely cracked open. So today, reading this, I really know first hand how you are helping these dogs …..I just think what you are doing is amazing… and my heart cracks open… Thank you for doing what you are doing… The video cut my heart out when it said some of the dogs are tortured… GOD…


Lorna said:

Just reading this makes me want to cry. It is so hard to see these animals suffer and so heart warming to see the good that this organization is doing in the world. Thank you to all the people making this a reality and thanks for this article for spreading awareness.


Marg said:

THis is amazing. Thank you for the work you and all those at Soi Dog Foundation do. All those beautiful spirits you’re rescuing and mending…so very heartfelt. X.


Cathy said:

Isn’t it nice to see your money resulting in higher quality of life for the animals! Thanks for doing this! ~Cathy


Michelle said:

This animal lover/dog rescue “mom” is sobbing over here. Life is beautiful. A big heartfelt thank you to the generous and loving souls behind this foundation! xo

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Oh Elizabeth, I’m so glad to hear that your kitty Daisy got the help she needs. That’s wonderful news, our animals are our kids. I know, it’s sad to hear about these dogs in Thailand – and why it’s so great that the Soi Dog Foundation is there now!

Sending hugs xo

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Dear Lorna, Marg, Cathy and Michelle,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Soi Dog Foundation. Yes it is heartwarming, they have beautiful spirits and loving souls, give the animals a higher quality of life, and life is beautiful. I can’t help but feel a tightness in my throat and love in my heart when I think of this foundation <3

Love to the animals.
xo Kathleen


Susie said:

WOW! This dog lover loves learning about the Soi Dog Foundation. Thank you for shining your light on the work you are doing…simply amazing!

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Susie, I’m sooo happy that you loved learning about this foundation. I agree, Soi Dog is amazing :)



april said:

what a fabulous place, kathleen. thank you for bringing it to the attention of others in such a direct and special way. (and i loved when those two sweet dogs were pawing at your purse! :) )


marci said:

What a wonderful foundation and group of people!! And thank you, Kathleen for all you do, as well as raising awareness around this. Dogs are a whole lotta love wrapped in fur. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see any one of these glorious creatures in pain or starving. I recall many times during travels I have wanted to sneak an abandoned pup in my luggage to take home with me. I absolutely love that there is such an incredible and giving organization out there doing this fabulous work!

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Hi April, thank you for your comment – I loved when those two sweet dogs were pawing at my purse too…. sooo cute, and realized later that I had half of a power bar in my purse, they could smell it :)

I agree Marci, it really is heartbreaking to see any of these glorious creatures in pain. Yay for Soi Dog!!!!

xo Kathleen


Tania said:

Wow Kathleen! This made me so sad but so grateful at the same time, that a foundation like Soi Dog exists. Thank you for being so brave and moving past your own sad feelings to shine a light on this foundation! xo

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Thank you Tania, your words make me emotional :) I feel fortunate and privileged to shine a light on this foundation!

xo Kathleen

Denise Marie Filmore

Denise Marie Filmore said:

My heart breaks to see so many dogs neglected and abused. I rescued my Nala who was abandoned at the groomers. It is so wonderful to have organizations like the Soi Dog Foundation. Thanks for the awareness!

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Denise, how wonderful of you to rescue your Nala :) That’s what we all love to hear and I agree, Soi Dog Foundation rocks!! Appreciate your comment very much,

xo Kathleen

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