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Why We (my husband) Decided to Make Raw Dog Food


Our grinder came in!  This is my husband on his first attempt at making raw dog food... chicken, pork, beef, green beans, spinach, carrots, cottage cheese, apples, blueberries, pineapple, and lots more.  We'll also add some supplements such as fish oil, glucosamine, and pro-biotics.


I'm lucky, because I have a husband who LOVES gadgets, is the master of figureoutable, and is good with money.  There are lots of great raw dog food companies out there (we've bought from Darwin's and Stella & Chewys), and even some local people who make raw, but the cheapest route is to make your own.  He did his research and this grinder is a commercial grinder, but it's best and quickest, otherwise you will be be spending hours trying to grind food.  The cost of this one is around $580, but after only 3 months, it will pay for itself because of the amount of money we'll save on buying raw dog food for two large greyhounds.  Definitely something to consider if you have big dogs who eat a lot!  And if you can lift heavy equipment and don't mind the mess.  {or if you have a significant other who loves gadgets}.


love dog. love art. live now.


Kathleen Naomi Atkins July 05, 2014 1 tags (show)

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