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4 Natural Steps to help your DOG Bounce Back after Surgery



Dear Houndsie,

Has your dog ever had surgery?  This is a traumatic time for us pet parents.  What's tough is that you can't just ask them if they need anything, if they're in pain, etc.   

My dog, Kai recently had two ankle surgeries within 17 weeks - emotionally, it's been a very tough summer/fall for me, and I know he's wishing he could run around every day instead of being stuck on a leash every time he goes outside while walking on a big bandage.  The second time I had to take him in for surgery, when the vet tech was trying to lead him away, he buried his head between my legs... wow, this broke my heart.  I want the best for him and since I'm always looking for those natural healers for me, I did my research to find the best natural care for him before and after his surgeries.  

Following are the four things I found to help him get stronger....


I.   Supplements (recommended and approved by my vet - the first 3 can be given on a daily basis year round):

     1) Platinum Performance Wellness Plus {includes amino acids to boost the immune system}

     2) Digest-All+ from Wholistic Pet Organics {enzymes and probiotics to help digestion}

     3) Plato Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil {from Krisers Pet Food Store to boost the immune system}

     4) ImmunoBerry Liquid {from my vet, Dr. Royal to boost the immune system} 

II.  Reiki {from master Hope Black}

III. Acupressure {teachings by Susan at Elemental Acupressure

IV. Lots of hugs and kisses! 


Once Kai's bandage and splint are removed and there are no open wounds on his ankle, I'll take him to water treadmill therapy at my vet's office, which is supposed to help quicken the healing time by up to 60%!

I know it's a tough time emotionally for you as a pet parent to go through this, but if it happens, I hope some of these natural alternatives will help your pup bounce back to normal quickly, like they've helped my Kai  : - )



love dog. love art. live now. 


Kathleen Naomi Atkins October 24, 2014 1 tags (show)



Susie said:

Wishing Kai a speedy recovery!! I am a pet parent and can only imagine how emotionally tough it is to see your pup in pain. Sending healing energy your way Kathleen!


april said:

oh, kai – i hope you’re feeling better and running and jumping soon! i’ve always had pets, and it is definitely tough when they’re hurt or sick. hugs to all of you, kathleen.


farah said:

I dont have a dog, but know what joy they bring, so cant’t imagine how this feels for you – sending you big hugs!!

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Thank you Susie, April and Farah! I appreciate the hugs and well wishes :)



Heather said:

I am a pet parent too, to a very active 3 year old golden retriever. My last golden had knee surgery when he was 10 and I agree that it is so hard not being able to communicate with them. I just recently had back surgery, my first surgery ever, so now at least I can relate to the recovery!


Cathy said:

Dog or human, we all need the same things to recover from surgery & other traumatic experiences: lots of rest, easy-to-digest food, some supplements and hugs. Kai is lucky you’ve got it all covered. Happy recovery – to both of you.


Michelle said:

This is excellent info for us pet parents. :-)

Kathleen, we have been living in parallel universes. Bella was recently diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Had it not been for info from other pet parents on the Internet, she would have died.

Bella and I send best wishes and healing hugs to both Kai and you! xo

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Dear Heather, hoping for a quick recovery for you :)

Cathy, so true – this year I was bonked on the head with the fact that dogs and humans need the same thing.

Michelle, I’m so glad to hear that Bella is okay! Thank god for the internet.

xo Kathleen


Maria said:

Hi Heather, yes our little pups (or maybe not so little) are part of the family – care and love is needed by us all – all the best to Kai and a speedy recovery. xx


Deb said:

Love that treat your dog with just as much respect, care and tenderness as any other living creature. Xxx

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