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Three Important Reasons Your Dog Should Go To Water Therapy

did you know water treadmill therapy can help dogs

1) recover up to 50% faster after an ankle (or similar) surgery

2) help with arthritis

3) reduce obesity {and much more}


If you're interested in natural healthcare for your pups, watch this video - this is what water therapy looks like and it's my Kai's first time on the treadmill.  My vet {Dr. Royal in Chicago} is an integrative/holistic vet and this is one of the therapies she offers - she's been a lifesaver with our greys and I've learned oodles and oodles about natural pet health from her!  Kai had two ankle surgeries recently and I read several studies that water treadmill therapy can speed the recovery after surgery by 50%!  Anything that can help my boy recover quicker in a natural method is right up my alley!  A lot of people ask me about the natural methods I use for my dogs as I all into 'natural' with my own healthcare.  I know you're doing your research as well, and the benefits are incredible with no side effects!


The biggest thing I've discovered recently is that animals can use the same therapy, homeopathic nutrient supplements and  medications as people.....  physical therapy, resq organics for skin problems, manuka honey, cranberry for urinary infection, arnica for bruising and swelling, reiki energy healing, massage, acupuncture, laser therapy... these are just a few.  I used to think that there were special/different healing products for animals and people.  Is this news to you too?     



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Kathleen Naomi Atkins February 01, 2015 1 tags (show)

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