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Eco Collar, Japanese silks from grandmother's obi


Eco Collar

Japanese Silks

from my grandmother's obi


I saw my obachan (grandmother) 3 times in my life, as she lived in Japan and we couldn't afford to visit each other often - she hasn't been with us for a long time, but I have such fond memories. She only thought of others and was one of the hardest working people I've ever met. And her story is more dramatic than most books you'll ever read.

I was working with a client recently who was uber excited about getting a second italian greyhound.  He has white fur and she wanted a black collar.  I remembered my grandmother's silk obi that I was saving to make a collar for one of my dogs.  And I had enough material in the silk obi to make a collar for this client - perfecto!  

This means the world to me, that I can share one of the few things my grandmother owned through my art.


martingale or buckle style collars lined with shi shi satin

3/4, 1, 1.5, or 2" wide



for dogs craaa-aaaving comfort and color

Kathleen Naomi Atkins May 25, 2015 2 tags (show)

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