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New Thai Silk Designer Collar


Thai silk dog collar lined with satin

Martingale or Buckle Styles

Widths in 3/4", 1", 1.5", or 2"


Unique, textured silk from Thailand!  Did you know that silk collars are incredibly durable and can be washed?  Hand wash in cold, spot clean, or throw in the washer on gentle cycle in a pillow case.  Air dry, or dry on low for a couple of minutes on a rack.  

I'll be honest, I change my two greyhounds collars often because I loooove to see them wearing different colors.  Plus I'm a collar designer, so they wear them a few months and then I donate them to a greyhound adoption group.  But let me share one of my client's stories..... her pup wore one of my silk collars {Tiger Paw} for one year.  Did it look brand new?  Not really, but it was still functional and stylin' - weathered chic!  

I wanted to share that story, because I'm often asked how durable the silk collars are compared to cotton - I would say that it depends on the cotton and the silk, but they're pretty comparable and in many cases, the silk is more durable.



for dogs craaa-aaaving comfort and color

Kathleen Naomi Atkins June 10, 2015 2 tags (show)

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