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Collars look Brand New after Washing

Asha and Kai's collars / leashes just washed

 silks and cottons with shi shi satin lining

from camo cottons to couture to eco collars


These are the current collars and leashes that my pups, the mascots and inspiration of Houndstooth Pets are wearing and I just washed them...


put them in a pillow case, delicate, cold water in the washing machine

then removed them from the pillow case and placed them on a rack in the dryer on low for a few minutes


They look pretty darn close to BRAND NEW!  They've worn each of these collars anywhere from 3-5 months total so far, and I've used these two leashes for at least a year.  

When they're still in top notch condition, I donate their collars and leashes to a Greyhound Adoption Group <3    

I love mixing and matching colors and love the look of the houndstooth black and white leashes with any of these collars - my personal style is eclectic/classy.

Which do you prefer?  Matching leashes or an Eclectic touch?  I custom make leashes for clients that like the style of a matching leash - send me a note as I'm your personal dog stylist!  



Collars available in 3/4, 1, 1.5, or 2" wide in martingale or buckle style.


for dogs craaa-aaaving comfort and color

Kathleen Naomi Atkins June 23, 2015 1 tags (show)

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