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Before and After Workspace


{a very small nook in the basement with plain white walls}




made with love in Chicago


{a big cozy area of the basement with a gold and white trellis wall, dog beds for my greyhounds, crates for my collars, soft leather chair and suede ottoman, black and white houndstooth pillows, tiffany lamp, fuzzy cream rug and photos of my pups}






Does your workspace and home decor mean a lot to you?  Do you feel uneasy unless your surroundings are beautiful?  If you said yes, we think alike!    

The above is my new sewing workspace where all the magical Houndstooth Pets collars are made and I loooove it!  I feel soooo much more productive and alive when I'm working in a beautiful, organized space.

Do you know how many workspaces are needed for a collar business?  I have a total of five workspaces - besides the sewing area... photography, cutting, ironing, shipping/office.   

FYI, the gold and white trellis wall in the photo above is not wallpaper, it was actually stenciled by my sweet and handy husband!  {keep this in mind as a DIY project - wallpaper would have cost over $3K, the stencil and paint was $70}.  


for dogs craaa-aaaving comfort and color

Kathleen Naomi Atkins July 06, 2015 1 tags (show)

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