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Welcome Houndsies

Soooo glad to see you here!  WELCOME, WELCOME!

What are you gonna see here?

Loads of ENCHANTING PICS of super star fashion pups!  Fashion isn't only for humans, after all !!

Sharing a few photos of my precious family.  A world of gratitude to them.... to my precious pups for their unconditional love and goofiness, and for  inspiring me to start sewing gorgeous collars for them... to my awesome husband, Todd, always the entrepreneur, who planted the little seed of encouragement about starting this business, when I never dreamed it's something I could do.  These sensational pics were taken by Ruthie Hauge, photographer extraordinaire!


Again, welcome Houndsies!

Thanks for stopping by, with all my love,


Kathleen Naomi Atkins June 18, 2013 1 tags (show)

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