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Dogs Skunked! 8 Easy-Peasy Natural Steps to Remove Odor / Bonus - how to keep skunks out of your yard

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Skunk!  The word you dread when you're dogs are outside.

The first time it happened to us it was around 10pm. I heard the dogs barking and I knew something was up - because greyhounds rarely bark.  I ran outside and I could smell it - that odor you dread.  I yelled 'Skunk!' and my husband closed the sunroom door with me still outside!  {he's normally chivalrous, apparently not when it comes to skunks}  The dogs started running toward me, chasing the skunk... uh oh, here comes the skunk!  I ran inside and this cute baby skunk runs behind the garbage cans.  We are now in the sunroom with the door closed yelling to the dogs to stay away from the skunk - I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops from all the racket!  I had no choice but to let the dogs into the sunroom, whether they got sprayed or not, because we couldn't open the gate to let the skunk out because the dogs would follow!  And OHHHH YES, the stench was mind-blowing, they both got SKUNKED to high heaven!  So my husband and I run inside the house and I'm hyperventilating and walking in circles... shit shit shit {I'm usually fairly calm in these situations}!  What to do, what to do....  I know that there are natural remedies for the smell... !!!!  I'm desperately searching on the computer for natural remedies and remembered the one I heard works best is with hydrogen peroxide - got it, I found the remedy!  Oops, we have NO HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.  Fortunately our angel neighbors have three dogs and have a ready supply of Hydrogen Peroxide!  

Yes, the smell gets into every nook and cranny of your house.  If your dog gets sprayed in his/her mouth, the odor will last for months!  

I always thought I would be prepared, but then I figured I would worry about it LATER.  Don't make this same mistake - be prepared - you will love yourself for it.



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Kathleen Naomi Atkins June 25, 2013 1 tags (show)


Zornitza Panayotova

Zornitza Panayotova said:

Great article, steps are easy to follow and the solution is all natural.

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

Thanks Zornitza, glad it’s helpful.

xo Kathleen

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