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Five Natural Cures for Pup's Upset Tummy


Five Natural Cures for Pup's Upset Tummy


boiled sweet potato/white potato 


organic pumpkin


pro-biotic powder for dogs


Hey Houndsie, does your pup get an upset tummy,

I can relate, greyhounds in general have sensitive tummies, especially if they're anxious.  When we adopted our first greyhound, Asha, she was anxious and had the runs.  What worked for her were boiled sweet and white potatoes added to her food.  {Since then she gets all raw and has no problems every}.  But I know the above list has helped Asha and other dogs.  

I can't blame Asha for being a little anxious, here's her history before she joined my family...


0-1 yr old - training in Florida

1-3 yrs old - racing in Virginia, Florida, and Alabama (moving up, doing very well in racing, but then hurting a foot-actually a blessing because she's going to find me!)

3 yrs old for two weeks - rescued by a greyhound group and taken to a Florida foster home (Yay!)

3 yrs old for two more weeks -Greyhounds Only(Wisconsin/Chicago group) rescues her and takes her to a Wisconsin kennel (Yay-she's getting closer to her destiny) 

3 yrs old for three months - moved to a Chicago kennel via the rescue group (Yay, even closer)

3 yrs old for 1 week - selected by yours truly as her forever pup - when we saw her she came running to us and smothered us with sweet kisses, our pup! - and she was sent to a foster home with cats (to ensure she would be ok with my cat)

3 yrs old and forever - FOREVER HOME WITH ME and TODD - forever! (hallelujah!)


I couldn't help thinking that once Asha was us, she may be wondering when her next move was.  She didn't realize that she was at her forever home.  Her poop was very runny.  After trying everything to help her tummy issue, I saw a recipe on-line for another greyhound with tummy issues... the two main ingredients were cooked sweet potatoes and white potatoes - worked like a charm for Asha.   I do believe that each pup is different (just like humans) and you need to keep trying different natural things to see what works best for your dog.  As I also mentioned above, once I started feeding her raw food, I never have had any issues with runny poop or with flatulence.  She also gets pumpkin and yogurt in a kong every day.


dogs rock,

Kathleen Naomi Atkins July 01, 2013 1 tags (show)

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