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Custom Collars for a Family of three


Hi there Houndsies,

These collars were designed with love for an adorable family with 3 PUPS.  The top and bottom collars are the 'newbies' (Candylicious and Shades of Grey), though when I designed them for this customer, they were not even available in my store yet - and the middle collar was created to match, yet the small loop has a different design to ensure that each pup has a unique something special goin' on!  Each collar is connected to the next, yet still has it's own lovable touch!  This Houndsie asked me to pick the collars for her pups, and this is the MAGICAL result - she and the pups ADORE them!

Feel free to ask me to pick a collar for your pup/s, help you pick a collar for your pup/s, or you can even send a special material and I will custom-make a collar from your material!  I love making your pup's look GORGEOUS - they SOOOO deserve it  : - )


Kathleen Naomi Atkins June 30, 2013 1 tags (show)

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