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Happy Fourth! Thanks to the brave Men, Women and Pups!

Happy celebration and sending out thanks and warm blessings to all the people and pups in the service.  

I get emotional thinking about my nephew Adam, who is a Marine and has a purple heart.  Having a family member go to war sure puts a different spin on everything - I have a much greater appreciation for the sacrifices of the military men, women, and pups.  Today, Adam is back in the states, is healthy, has an incredible wife and the cutest little girl.  And of course they have a little pup too.  They are also thinking of adopting a service dog from the Marine's.  Adam found his passion in the Marines, which is a victory for him, as well as this country : - )  So proud of you nephew!!!!

Here is a picture of Adam, his beautiful wife Lauren, their adorable daughter Aubrey, spunky pup Bruno, and the collars I made for Bruno from Adam's camo's.  

Again, happy celebration and thank you to all the servicemen and women, pups, and families.  



Kathleen Naomi Atkins July 04, 2013 2 tags (show)

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