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3 Greyhound Myths


1. Greyhounds need lots of space to run, a huge yard and house.  

Actually greyhounds in general have LOWWWW energy and yes, they can get up to 40mph in three strides, but they are sprinters.  After a few minutes, they are tired.  Greyhounds are major 'couch potatoes'!!!  I know many people who live in the city of Chicago and have 3 or 4 of them in a condo - they're like a Lay's potato chip, you can't just have one!

2. Greyhounds from the racetrack do not make good pets.

One day I was at the dog park and a gentleman was talking to me about how sweet my greyhounds were... and in the next breathe, he said that he knows that greyhounds from the racetrack do not make good pets... well my greyhounds are from the racetrack!  I don't blame him for thinking this, I didn't know anything about greyhounds until I saw them at the community center a few years back at PAWS adoption center in Chicago.

In the U.S. it's extremely difficult to get a greyhound puppy (I've heard that on rare occasion, a rescue group will save a puppy) - greyhounds are only bred for racing and a few of them are bred as show dogs.  Rescue groups take as many greyhounds as they can from all over the country and greyhounds retire anywhere from 2 to 5 years.  Greyhounds acclimate to a household very easily - they are super appreciative, fun, lovable pets in your home.  They have usually never seen stairs, sliding glass doors, mirrors, etc., so the rescue groups place them in a foster home before going to their forever home so that they can learn to walk up stairs and so they don't run into sliding glass doors.  The first week that we had Kai, he stared at himself in the mirror for an hour ; )    Even after a few years you will see their cute little personalities develop as they acclimate to your household.

{keep in mind that when I say 'rescue groups' here, I say that because I'm not sure what would happen to the racetrack pups when they retire if the rescue/adoption groups didn't take them.... I imagine that they would be stuck in a cage somewhere or be 'put down'}

3. Greyhounds feel wiry.

On the contrary, they feel very soft.  For some reason the white ones feel softer than others, like baby bunny's fur.  They also have one less layer of skin than other dogs, so they get cold easily and hot easily.  If they live in a cold place, like Chicago, they definitely need coats - I was never one for dog coats, but for my greys I have raincoats, fleeces (for when it's not too freezing yet), and winter coats with a neck warmer.  Greys have a very long lean body, so I have my coats custom made by Gini at Gini's Greyhound Fashions... not only are her coats fricken fabulous, but also Gini is a sweetheart and I love her to death!  I am a BIG dog coat fan now!!!  

How do you find adopt a greyhound?  Search for greyhound rescue in your area.  We adopted our pups from the all-volunteer Northeastern Illinois/Wisconsin group called Greyhounds Only - there used to be a racetrack in Wisconsin, but it has closed, so they get their pups from all over the states. 

Have any questions about the greys?  Please ask me, I'll have more info about them later, but I'm always happy to answer any questions about these lovely pups!


Here is Asha and Kai, showing you what they do best - 'couch potatoes' (bed potatoes today!)!  As you can see, they take up over half the king size bed when they stretch out, which is why they are not allowed to sleep in the bed with us at night : (  They do however have dog beds in almost every room and also love the comfy couch.  At night they sleep in their dog beds in the same room with us : )

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