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Wildly Happy Moment




Do you every have a wildly happy moment out of the blue?  I had a wildly happy moment yesterday - I was in our newly remodeled bathroom (which is already a thrill, the last room to remodel! YAYYY!  Most of the design is a classic white subway tile with a white and black hexagon floor, but there is a pop of color on one wall and a purple orchid on the windowsill) - so I was looking through the doorway and this is what I saw - violet from the bathroom wall, a casual orange hallway, and in the office - a diamond wall of gray hues, antique Turkish kilim rug in assorted vivacious colors, patterned rocker, textured mirror in gold hues.   And in that exact moment, I was WILDLY HAPPY!  It dawned on me how much I am WILD about color and patterns - BINGO! - exactly the same with each and every dog collar that I design with love, it all fits into place and makes my soul EXCITED!  When I pick colors for the house or for the collars, it's intuitive, it's that passion that comes naturally - what life is all about : - )  

I hope you have found and live in your passion, even if for a moment each day!  What wildly happy moment did you have today?






Kathleen Naomi Atkins July 21, 2013 1 tags (show)

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