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Something Your Vet May not Tell You

Dear Houndsie,

If you're like me, you've had pets for many moons, or maybe your a newbie with pets - either way, something that my vets (we're talking SEVERAL of them in several states) never told me, is how yearly vaccinations can be dangerous for your pets.  Well, it could be that they all don't believe they are dangerous for your pets, and that's probably the case - but....  I've also heard horror stories about yearly vaccinations...    about cancer developing where the vaccinations are given and thyroid levels going nuts after vaccinations, and on and on.  It made me wonder if they were necessary after all, so I put on my Inspector Clouseau Hat and started asking questions.  It wasn't long before some of my greyhound friends told me about TITER TESTS - what?  What the heck are TITER TESTS and why haven't I ever heard of them?  

TITER TESTS are an alternative to yearly vaccinations - it's a blood draw, and the blood is checked for the amount of immunity to a certain virus, etc.  If the immunity is at an acceptable level, then the vaccination for that virus or disease is not needed at that time - and the titer is proof in lieu of the vaccine.  The downside of these tests is that they're more expensive than vaccinations.  

Now besides TITER TESTS, another alternative is not to give your pups vaccinations at all (except for the vaccines required by law - in Illinois, rabies is the only required vaccine).  However, I take my pups to a dog park and they require proof of vaccinations.  And many dog boarders, doggie daycare, etc. require vaccinations.  So not giving your pup a vaccine may not be an option.  

So what I did, was find an integrative vet that can give me holistic and natural options (and believes in titers and understands that there can be dangers in yearly vaccinations)... my vet's in Chicago,  DR. BARBARA ROYAL Dr. Royal provides traditional care, along with integrative care and rehabilitation, and what I love about her the most is that you can see her passion with treating animals!  LOVE having options for pups healthcare  : - ) 

Here's to Healthy, Happy Pets and to Options!  


Kathleen Naomi Atkins August 05, 2013 1 tags (show)

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