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BOOM. All Ya Gotta Do Is Ask

you wanted it

you got it


after much research  and prototyping, my product engineer/husband/sex slave.. haha came up with this harness design

and you'll LOVE it

functional | simple | beautiful | easy to slip on and off {just over the head}

why the leash attachment in the front?

when you pull some dogs from the back, they think it's their job to pull harder because that's what they do - pull things.  so this design will help your dog to stop pulling because it's in front - wala!  

this is chief.  

he's testing out the prototype.  

and doing a fabulous job i might add!



like the look of this harness?  leave a comment below.

available to purchase soon


dazzle your pup . dazzle your life

Kathleen Naomi Atkins February 11, 2016 1 tags (show)


Brad Churchill

Brad Churchill said:

I really like the look of this harness. The strap width and pattern really make a statement.
We took our Houndstooth Pets collar off of our dog recently to bathe him, and he cried and whimpered until he wiggled himself back into it. His look of satisfaction afterwards made everybody crack up. Thanks for the great products

Kathleen  - Houndstooth Pets

Kathleen - Houndstooth Pets said:

brad, what a cute story… he loves his HT collar ;) thanks for sharing, this means a LOT!

Patty McHale

Patty McHale said:

I use an easy walk and love that this looks wider than the one I have. My pup Charlette always lays down like a frog and makes everyone laugh. Can’t wait for them to be available.


Elle said:

Oh my goodness I love the harness!!! With our newest puppy at home, training to walk on a leash has been nothing short of a struggle. I would love to see what the harness can do!

Macy, our newest member of the family, isn’t allowed on the bed, but what can I say, I love puppy snuggles! So, when my husband leaves for the day she jumps on the bed and hides under the sheets until you can hear his car drive away. It cracks me up every time! I’ve created quite the snuggle monster :)

Shannon Nicholson

Shannon Nicholson said:

Kudos to the new design; what a fabulous idea! As you know I have two fabulous labrador retrievers, my yellow, Spencer, suffers from arthritis and its imperative I protect his neck and spine to keep him healthy. A harness is a great way to safely walk my boy and not pull excessively on his neck and cause undue stress.
As for Mack my black well he is more of a bull in a china shop and this lovely harness could give me a better handle on his exuberance! My boys’ crack me up every day with their internal clocks. From the moment I crack my eyes or move a muscle its like an alarm has gone off and they’re bouncing up and down ready to begin the day, even if its merely 5:00 AM! You could even set your own watch around their “eat/walk/sleep/walk/eat/sleep” routine. They’re truly driven by their boundless enthusiasm for food, I am not sure there isn’t anything they won’t try and eat! Thanks for hosting this awesome contest!


Debra said:

Love the look of the new harness and especially that we’ll be able to get a matching collar! I let my chocolate Lab, Lullabelle pick out which collar she wants to wear each day. We love all the beautiful colors! She loves all the attention she gets when people notice her gorgeous collar. They always want to know where we got it and we are glad to give them the website info!


Jana said:

I love harness idea since Lucy is good on a leash UNTIL a rabbit runs near, then she will pull with all her might.

Lucy loves to sit on the couch, her new favorite thing is to wait until we sit down and then she will sit and stare at us until we move over so she can come up, she does not have a favorite spot other than one warmed by one of her people.

Kathleen - Houndstooth Pets

Kathleen - Houndstooth Pets said:

Patty – good to hear that you like a wider harness, think it’s a pretty good for larger dogs . and how cute about Charlotte :)

Elle – how adorable about the snuggle monster . totally understand!

Shannon – you’re such a good mom to ensure Spencer gets the best support with his arthritis . Mack and Spencer sound like bundles of joy – that can’t wait till you get up so that the playing and food can begin!

Debra – thanks so much for sharing my info, Lullabelle sounds like one lucky pup ;)

Jana – that’s so cute about Lucy – she needs the warm spot, haha!


Tom said:

That new harness looks dope. I’ll finally be allowed to walk in front of my dog and show him who’s boss. My poodle, Fookie, always likes to run out in front of me and cause trouble (e.g., biting people, peeing on people, etc).

Btw I can’t get her to wear any other collars besides the one I bought from y’all. I guess Fookie just knows what she likes!

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