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Art that Makes You Smile

Chris Gug Underwater Photography
Dear Houndsie,
Do you like art that makes you smile?  This is a photograph that I recently purchased at 'Art on the Glen Town Center' in Glenview, IL.  The artist is Chris Gug, he specializes in underwater photography!  I love art on my walls, and whether it's a painting I paint myself or a piece of work from another artist, I usually veer toward dramatic, colorful art.  This is the first piece of wall-art that I fell in love with simply because it made me smile!   Seriously, try looking at this pig in the water without smiling!  The story about the pig is uber interesting too (sorry Greg if I mess up the details) - 10 pigs were brought to an island in the Bahamas to be raised as food... in one month the pigs ate all the vegetation on the island and had nothing to eat, and the farmer could not afford to buy them food.  One day there were boats nearby and they accidentally dropped some food in the water - the pigs swam out to get the food.  From then on, when there are boats in the area, the pigs swim out to meet them and food is thrown to them - there are now 25 pigs!  Cute story, adorable photo!  This made me think of the dog collars I create for you and your pup, as one of my goals is to make you smile when you see your pup wearing one of the fab beautiful designs : - )
Kathleen Naomi Atkins September 03, 2013 1 tags (show)

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