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stop giving your dog food that his insides can't take

believe me, i hear ya

i used to say the same things … 

‘i feed my dog _____ because the pet store said it’s good food’

'sure i’ve done some research on dog food, but they all say different things so I’m not sure who to believe’

and this…

‘i’m too busy to figure out what to feed my dog and don’t even eat right myself’

(c'mon, i know you have some doubts - am i a lazy fur momma?)




listen, i’m not a vet nor a dog nutritionist – BUUUT, i’ve done my homework and got an A++.

and i’m gonna tell you the down n’ dirty truth.

is it as easy as throwing a cup of kibble in a bowl?  NOPE

could it mean life or death for your dog?  YEP

(there's a link below about a dog that BEAT CANCER by feeding his dog the right food)

after all, your dog relies on you to feed him and i know ya love your dog cause you're reading this.  he doesn’t have a choice.  YOU DO



from day one, my first soul girl retired racing greyhound, asha  (aka ruffels in white) had runny stool. 

after weeks of trying different natural supplements, the  one thing that worked for her was cooked white and sweet potatoes.  YESSS!

BUUUT, then i heard that white potatoes aren’t good for dogs. NOOOO! 

seriously?  this is ridiculous, what the hell am i supposed to believe?

that day i made a promise to myself and my fur babies that i would find a holistic vet and would do whatever it took to find the answer - WHAT SHOULD I BE FEEDING MY DOGS.  PERIOD.

by this point we had adopted a second amazing retired racing greyhound, kai (aka bo samlin).

the next day we were walking our greys when a white flowy haired fairy floats over, gushing and gooing over our dogs – and GUESS WHAT!? this angel fairy is helping her holistic vet sister write a book about animal health, and it's based on interesting stories, including how dying animals were brought back to life with the right food. WHHAAAT?! 


from the angel fairy’s sister - the holistic vet dr. royal, i learned that the MOST IMPORTANT thing about dog health is  NUTRITION NUTRITION NUTRITION. what goes in comes out, or doesn’t if it’s good for your dog. (makes sense, same as for people)

she also exuberantly and passionately tripped all over her words about the perils, carcinogens and sugars of kibble {SATAN} - how bad it is for their teeth, their organs, their little bodies. and lovingly spilled story after glorious story about the miracles of raw food {GOD}.  

raw food, really?  sounds a little icky.

though i did really admire the passion that was oozing from her pores.  could raw food really be the answer?  

in a nutshell, feed raw in these percentages: approx. 70% raw meat (about 35-40% protein), 20% veggies, 10% fruit.

that’s it - and it's what dogs ate in the wild.

i know, i know. you’re not convinced yet.  well i wasn't either at this point.  the proof is in the pudding, or in this case - raw food.

(and daaang, raw food is expensive – though it turns out that if your dog’s healthy, he'll need to go to the vet less, equaling less money in the long run)

okay, my husband's frugal, so i started with ½ raw and ½ kibble. oh boy - i gotta take dog food out of the freezer a few days before they eat it to thaw it out… geez, i must really really love these dogs! (it’s not a big deal AT ALL once you've done it a few times)

after slowly incorporating raw into asha’s diet, her stool was PERFECTO!!! great consistency, less poop, good color… well you get the idea. and not only that girlfriend, but BOTH our dogs had these AHHMAAAZING MAGICAL MIRACLES:


  • no runny stool

  • lots less stool (good food gets absorbed)

  • no smelly farts (SF) (both greys had SF's AAALL the time - the kind that  you had to leave the room for at least ten minutes)

  • shiny coats

  • better smelling breath

  • no teeth cleanings {so i do brush their teeth every night, however i’ve seen stories of those that don’t with the same results}


seeing these miraculous improvements right away with just half raw, it wasn't long before i fed them all raw.



i get it, it sounds all fine and dandy, but you have some 'buts'.

BUT I DON'T HAVE A LOT OF MONEY - you don't need a lot of money, even a little raw will help - once or twice a week or a even a third raw with their regular food.  or at least some healthy protein snacks - no grains, no cheap flour biscuits.  

BUT I DON'T HAVE TIME - i promise, it doesn't take much more time and is worth the reward.

BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF WORK - it isn't, once you start doing it, it's easy peasy.  

absolutely do not just believe me.  sure, i shared my runny stool story (which would have turned into  major health issues had i not stopped it), but that's nothin' compared to these juicy, dramatic jaw-dropping jewels...

lilly's story and why her mom was inspired to open a pet store

how daisy beat cancer 

longevity of life and other testimonials   

raw success stories (for arthritis, kidney failure, colitis, bladder stones, allergies) 

dr. becker raw diet video series 

last but not least, a VEERRY interesting pet health  (and life story) book written by my holistic vet with the help of a white flowy haired angel fairy… the royal treatment: a natural approach to wildly healthy pets





again, feed raw in these percentages: approx. 70% raw meat (approx 35-40% protein), 20% veggies, 10% fruit.

to get you started, here are a few amazing brands:  darwins, stella & chewy's.  

i started with darwins and now my husband makes their raw (he bought a commercial grinder because you need the bones, but there are also recipes where you can add bone meal).



i'm a BELIEVER, PASSIONATE, OBSESSED and most of all GRATEFUL for the delicious healthy miracles that raw food showers on my pups little bodies. 

leave a comment below if you have any burning questions or dog food/health stories to share.



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Kathleen Naomi Atkins April 19, 2016 1 tags (show)



Susan said:

My library has this book – looks like good reading awaits! Thank you for sharing your story and the resources too.

Houndstooth Pets

Houndstooth Pets said:

You’re so welcome Susan :) I got the book because it was written by my vet but figured it would be a dry, boring read- not at all! It’s very interesting, lots of great stories!

xo Kathleen

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