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the most special father's day gift - ever

it would be father's day soon

once a day for pam to look forward to, now a day to dread since her father passed away five years ago

she had a special bond with her father

her mother had a special bond with her father

their dog mica had a special bond with her father

a sadness enveloped her with a deep emptiness like a hole in a well that kept going 

she cried and when she could cry no more

she started to feel stronger than ever, started to feel an immense love

like when you look into your dog's eyes

this wasn't going to be a day to dread anymore

she'd make it special

she found the 'special' in houndstooth pet's repurposed gift idea -  abracadabra - be a magical gift giver

she would have kathleen magically repurpose her dad's ties into dog collars for mica

mika is on her mom's lap all day long

she knew her husband was with her, but now she would have comforting reminders all day, like a favorite warm blanket of protection




the anticipation was as thick as molasses 

it was father's day

she handed abracadabra to her mom

her mom opened the gift

she stopped...  she gasped...   her eyes lit up like a giddy young girl similar to the first time she laid eyes on her husband

mica sniffed the collars with a familiar delight - she knew

a meaningful surprise of love

love, it makes each moment special




the most special father's day gift to her mother - ever


wanta be a magical gift giver?

can you think of a special fabric that would be meaningful like this?

check out abracadabra for ideas




in fond memory of pam's magical dad

Kathleen Naomi Atkins June 21, 2016 0 tags (show)

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