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your pup deserves it all!  wanna see that special twinkle in his eye and a lively quirky confidence?  should your pup be on the cover of vogue or ralph lauren .  or maybe as the co-star with mathew mcconaughey in the latest smashing indie film?   not into the hollywood thing - maybe her favorite thing in the world is to cuddle with you on your overstuffed teal couch  while you gulp up every delicious detail of a game of thrones episode.  whatever's going on, you and your dog deserve a dazzling life!  


dazzle your pup . dazzle your life

with a houndstooth pets handcrafted design


g o r g e o u s  -  unique and soul-inspired  .  all dogs deserve a little swirl  

p e r s o n a l   d o g   s t y l i s t  -  you need help or don't have the time, and i have an eye for color and style

c o m f o r t  -  no itching no sores  .  all collars are lined with a shi shi satin

q u a l i t y  -  it's neimans not  walmart  .  a ninety-nine  pound mastiff will not break thru this collar, fully welded hardware, uber strong thread used on boat covers  

e c o   l o v e  -  it's all the little things  .  reusable handcrafted houndstooth bag  .  100% recycled shipping package.

s t y l e s  -  two  .  regular quick release buckle collar or martingale collar  .  what's a martingale?  the new 'IT' collar!  click here to find out why.


m a s c o t s

the mascots and inspiration for houndstooth pets are my two elegant beautiful sweet retired racing {40 mph couch potato} greyhounds, asha and kai.  

yes i'm one of those crazy obsessed dog mommas.

first, i learned how to knit snoods for them.  then i figured out how to make designer collars for them cause i'm a fabric snob | obsessed artist and nothing out there was good enough for my babies.  

one day we were walking our greys at an art fair in one of the burbs in chicago when a girl was running, CHAAAASING after us to find out where I got my dazzling unique collars, she was crazy in love with them.  this happened AAALL the time, no matter where we took our pups.

and really, the two biggest reasons why i do this

- intense soulful love of animals and desire to give back

- making a dazzling life through beautiful art makes my own life shine 




a s h a   m e a n s   'h o p e'   i n   s a n s k r i t   {hope for greyhounds}.  aka ruffels in white on the track -  she raced 25 times in arkansas and alabama.  she won a few but was marked as a 'no runner' in her last race cause she injured her foot and retired at two.  she's a princess, a  goof, curious and smart.  she jumps like a horse with her two front feet reaching for the sky when she knows she's going on a walk, to the dog park, or when she sees circus animals (is obsessed with big animals).  she was positively a cat in a previous life, obsessing over cat toys, lounging in the sun and is a big kisser.  her personality changed each day and after  three years she threw away some of her strong facade, trusted that i was her soul mom and now snuggles cutely near or on me. 


k a i   m e a n s   'f i r e'   i n   s a n s k r i t   {for his fiery tiger colors}.  his racing name was bo samlin and he's faster than the wind - during only his eighth pensacola race, he blew out his ankle.  he's a love bug and a little unsure, yet is my shadow and huge protector.  greyhounds rarely bark - this one has a low deep menacing bark when bad energy is nearby.  he adores squeaky toys and plopping himself on heaps of soft pillows and furry blankets on the couch.  his fav spot is in front of the picture window, where he can spot anything over a mile away.  we were told he's an escape artist and can open fences... not once has he tried to open our fence, i guess he loves it here {ditto that my baby boy, love you here too}!




a b o u t   m e

a gypsy soul fashionpreneur obsessed with learning, color, eclectic classy anything, natural cures, spreadsheets and flowcharts, inspiring music, movin' {like dance, sports or to a diff house}, exploring other countries, acting in a sam shepherd play, plays in intimate theaters, creative ahhhmazing movies, laughin' till i cry, organizing anything, readin' {fiction, autobiographies, self-help} and all spiritual woo woo.  the first eighteen years of my life were spent hangin' around the corn fields in a community of 600 {people, not corn stalks}.  after that, there's been no stoppin' my travels... lived in dallas, san diego, new york city, chicago, and explored nooks and crannies of exotic places like thailand, turkey, cuba.  i've attended a fashion design school and have a bs in accounting and ms in management information systems.  one of the wildest, most rewarding journeys ever was when i took a sabbatical from a corporate career to attend the neighborhood playhouse school of the theatre in nyc. 

i'm proud of my heritage  .  half japanese/half kentucky hillbilly.  AAAND you won't believe it, i'm related to edgar cayce {well okay not by blood, but still!  my husband's grandfather's cousin}. 

what i know for sure... my soul purpose is to sprinkle a little beauty into any ordinary day.      



t h e   p u r p o s e   o f   l i f e   i s   t o   h e l p   o t h e r s

d o n a t i o n s   g i v e n 

soi dog foundation

greyhounds only

4 greyhound racers 

doberman rescue (Plus)


a&s rescue




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