collar secret


do you know the dirty little collar secret?


collar width is dependent on the size of your dog.

the wider you can go, the more dazzle you'll get.


for example

many of my lab/golden clients start with a 1.5" wide collar because they think wider collars are for greyhounds and their dog can't wear a wider collar.


95% of them graduate to a 2" wide collar because it looks dazzling on their dog and their dog can handle the width.



h o w   w i d e   t o   g o ? 

i handcraft collars in many widths... 3/4,  1,  1.5,  2 inches

to help find the magical width for your pup, take a look below at the most popular widths that my clients have selected for their fur babies. 


m o s t   p o p u l a r   w i d t h s

3/4 inch 

maltese, chihuahua, daschund, yorkshire terrier, bichon frise

1 inch 

italian greyhound, jack russell terrier, cavalier king charles, corgi, cocker spaniel, pug, scottish terrier, basenji, miniature schnauzer, shiba inu

1 1/2 inch

coonhound, whippet, beagle, border collie, australian cattle, basset hound, akita, american eskimo, australian shepherd, bull terrier, brittany

2 inch

dalmatian, viszla, greyhound, lab, golden retriever, english bulldog, great dane, doberman, airedale, pit bull, weimaraner, rhodesian ridgeback 


still trying to decide?  no worries, send me a note, i'd love to help you with a perfect design customized for your dog.

plus you can't go wrong  -  if you order a width and then want a wider or narrower collar once you try it on your pup, you can always exchange it.


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