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houndstooth pets is a handmade boutique that stands by the quality and happiness of clients.  products that are in new condition may be returned for any reason.  please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE for a return authorization form.  this form must be included with the return or exchange.  there is no refund of shipping and handling charges.  exchanges will incur additional shipping charges. 


w h y   m y   c u s t o m e r s   C R A - A A A V E   a   m a r t i n g a l e   c o l l a r

i design regular quick release buckle collars and martingale collars.  why is it that 95% of my clients select a martingale once they figure out what it can do and why it looks so dazzling.


functionality  .  my dog no longer pulls on a leash

martingales are gentle choke collars but don't hurt your dog's trachea.  it gently tightens on the neck with equal pressure around the collar and is a soft reminder not to pull.  plus all collars are lined with a super soft satin.

fit and functionality  .  my dog's an escape artist but  doesn't slip out of this collar

because it gently tightens, it will not slip off of your dog's head as long as it's tight enough - but not too tight, leave space around the neck, at least two fingers.

beauty  .  my dog's all hollywood 

numero uno reason  .  there's no buckle, there're two dazzling loops that slip over my pup's head.  the design is GORGEOUS, like marilyn monroe and bogart.  once you try a martingale, you never go back.


what is a martingale collar...   a martingale collar has two loops.  the leash is attached to the smaller loop, and when the dog pulls, this loop gently tightens the larger loop evenly around the dog's neck.  

history...   martingale dog collars were originally designed for sighthounds, such as greyhounds, salukis, whippets, etc.  sighthounds typically have the same size neck as head and could easily slip out of a regular buckle collar.  

is a martingale difficult to put on and take off...    heck no - there is one slide that the material adjusts through to make the collar larger and smaller.  once your pup starts wearing the collar, it becomes more pliable and easily adjusts after a week or two, depending on how often you take off the collar.  i remove my pups collars every night and even during the day if it's a hot day, so i've noticed that within a week they adjust very easily.  it'll also depend on the thickness of the material.


see the following diagram for how a martingale works.  it must be large enough to slip over your dog's head, then once the collar is on the neck, it can easily be tightened to fit around the neck (leave space, about two fingers of space):  





w h i c h   c o l l a r   s i z e   s h o u l d   i   s e l e c t

each product lists the sizes for martingale and buckle collars.  follow these steps to determine collar size:

martingale collar 

1. measure around your pup's head (from ear to ear).  the collar needs to be large enough to slip over his/her head.

2. measure around your pup's neck.

the martingale collar size should be large enough to slip over your pup's head and small enough to fit snugly around his/her neck without being tight (leave space, about two fingers of space).

buckle collar

1. measure around your pup's neck.  this collar should fit snugly around his/her neck without being too tight (leave space, about two fingers of space).

for questions, please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE.  custom collar sizes can be made specially designed for your pup if he/she has a different size requirement!


h o w   l o n g   d o e s   i t   t a k e   t o   r e c e i v e   m y   o r d e r

each collar is custom handmade for your pup.  it could take up to 14 days to ship your order, though on average collars are shipped within 7 days. 


d o   i   p a y   s a l e s   t a x

houndstooth pets is required to collect state and local sales tax on orders shipped to the states where we have a physical presence.  currently, all orders shipped to illinois locations will be charged sales tax on the merchandise as required by state law.


c a n   i   w a s h   m y   c o l l a r

yes!  all silks and cottons can be washed!  hand wash, cold water with mild detergent;  or gentle cold cycle, put collar in a pillow case.  air dry or dry on low for a few minutes on a rack in the dryer.  you may also spot clean the collars.


w h a t   a r e   s h i p p i n g   c o s t s

anywhere in the u.s. = $5.00 flat rate

canada = $16.00 flat rate

outside of the u.s. = $20.00 flat rate



t e s t i m o n i a l s

rachel newman  .  just wanted to let you know that all 3 dogs look stunning in their collars!  but the biggest news of all (and i don't know if you're aware that your collars are MAGIC), is that last night after i put cosette's new collar on, she 'sat' for the first time!  she is my very lazy greyhound who has refused to try anything new and last night that 8-year-old greyhound felt spunky enough to learn a new trick!  thanks a million!

dane hodgdon  .  just got charlie's collar and i have to say, this thing is AWESOME!  not only do you need to market yourself as handmade, but i would preach the high quality material you use, this thing is so soft, holy cow!

mark misic  .  had to write and tell you how much clare loves her collar!  she practically won't let me take it off of her and she is so eager to have the collar back on each morning!  the collar is really cute - i've  never had a martingale before and love it - it's the BEST of both worlds - the BEST of a regular collar combined with the functionality of a metal 'choke chain' - when she starts pulling it tightens and she stops.  

jodie campbell  .  SO happy with my houndstooth pets custom collar for my boxer, islay!  the martingale was easy to put on and adjust.  i also love having the option of different widths - the 2" width is perfect!  thanks for a great product!  

erika matthei  .  my dog had a bad neck infection from his old collar.  with his new houndstooth pets collar there are no more infections!  hallelujah!  the satin backing doesn't irritate his neck. thank you so much!   

amanda campbell  .  my 10 month old boxer jax, loves his martingale collar!  in the past, he’s broken quite a few collars.  anything with a plastic connecter hasn’t lasted longer than a day.  he’d either manage to pull it off his head or break it.  i switched to metal fastening collars, but those are stiff and uncomfortable.  he’d dig at his neck a lot, leaving me to only put the collar on when it was potty time.  i purchased the 2 inch martingale collar in the biltmore pattern & he simply loves it!  he doesn’t scratch at it, hasn’t escaped and he pulls much less on a leash. the collar is gentle enough to wear all day, but strong enough to enforce my no pulling policy.  he wore the collar to a pet store last week & everyone stopped to ask me where i got it!  the pattern is true to the picture posted on the website and the fabric is unbelievably soft!      

pam gracyalny  .  have to tell you - i gave harper her new collar this morning and she was SO happy!  i could literally hear her saying she loves it and feels so special and thank you!




handmade with love in chicago



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