meet candylicious.  she's the cotton candy taffy in willy wonka's wonderland.  she inspires sweetness and play.  

washable french cotton lined with shi shi pink satin {the buckle style is pink only} 

candylicious is a limited design


have you heard about her magical powers?  

"i just wanted to let you know that all 3 dogs look stunning in their collars!  but the biggest news of all (and i don't know if you are aware that your collars are MAGIC), is that last night after i put cosette's new collar on (candylicious), she 'sat' for the first time!  she is my very lazy greyhound who has refused to try anything new and last night that 8-year-old greyhound felt spunky enough to learn a new trick!  thanks a million!"   -  rachel newman


yes, my pup loves a candy wonderland!

follow these three easy-peasy steps

1   style     .   select buckle (traditional) or martingale {click to find out what a martingale is}

2   width   .   select 3/4", 1", 1.5" or 2" {largest width for the buckle style is 1.5"}

3   size       .   for buckle collars, measure around your pup's neck.  for martingale collars, measure around the neck and also around the head by the ears, as it has to be large enough to slip over your pup's head.


you're ready to order! 



dazzle your pupdazzle your life

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product details  

fabric: super soft french cotton with satin lining

limited design: yes 

price: $50 buckle/$55 martingale

manufacturing:  handmade with love in my chicago studio

style: buckle and martingale

width: 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2"

size: small to extra-large (custom sizes created at no extra charge) 

hardware color: silver

buckle color: black

packaging:  handcrafted black and white houndstooth bag

washing instruction:  hand wash cold water (or in a pillow case in the washer, delicate cold water), air dry or dry on low for a few minutes on a dryer rack



    fabulousness of a houndstooth pets collar . all collars are lined with a shi shi satin for ultimate comfort, width selections of 3/4", 1", 1.5" or 2", enchanting quality fabrics, spirited by a fashion designer, welded hardware, hand crafted with love in chicago, two collar styles, eco friendly shipping, packaged in a designer houndstooth bag, custom sizes made at no extra charge, consult with the designer for free


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